IT Consultant – I have been a freelance IT Consultant since 1992.  I help people learn about technology, decide what works for them, and help them get set up.  My clients have included multi-national companies, banks, and hospitals.  However, I really like working with small businesses and residences as well.

Photographer – I have loved photography my whole life and in 2007 I decided it was well past time that I take it to the next level.  So I went back to school to build an academic foundation behind the art that I love.  I have had wonderful teachers and mentors as well as awesome opportunities to work with many of the industry’s well known commercial and fashion photographers and photojournalists.

Volunteer -Volunteering gives me the opportunity to have a small part in making our world a better place.  Although I volunteer for many things, most people remember me for my participation with Prison Ministry.  Prison Ministry is about the prisoners, but it’s also about the spouses and children who often are also victims of crime.