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MS Surface Pro 2 – Almost 3 Weeks in

I’m 3 weeks into using the MS Surface Pro 2 for work.  It looks like I’m through the honeymoon stage, I’m done re-installing and configuring so now I have started using it like a regular user.  I will be posting my progress, issues, and thoughts here.

The only big gotcha I ran into so far is that Junos Pulse has a specifc issue with the Surface Pro 2 that is not an issue for regular Windows 8.1.  The work-around worked for me.

So far I really like and have a clearer understanding of why the Metro interface.  I can’t really say it makes me like it any better, I really don’t like it, but it does make more sense when using it as a tablet.  I also have a better understanding of why there are 2 versions of IE.  A tablet interface and desktop interface makes sense for a device that is also both.

I also started using an Acer C270p Chromebook so I’m really getting used to touch screens.  I’ve found myself reaching out on my Mac…  I don’t use the touchscreen for everything, but scrolling is useful and pressing a button on screen is faster than navigating a mouse/touchpad.  I’m sold on touch screens.  It’s like radio controls on car steering wheels.  They’re a ridiculous idea until you don’t have them anymore.

Ok done for now.  For the first time in s long time, I struggle whether I want to carry my MacBook Air or Surface Pro 2 around…